Before starting the tractor daily

Have you checked and replenished the engine oil?   Have you checked the transmission / hydraulic oil?   Have you removed deposits from glass cup of the diesel filter?   Have cleaned the pre-air cleaner?   Have you checked and replenished oil in the air-cleaner oil bath?   Have you checked diesel level in the […]

Grease Points on (MF) Massey Ferguson Tractors

Steering Column MF 240/260/350 Bearings on Front Wheels MF 240/350/260/375/385 Front Spindles on both sides MF 240/260/350 Front Spindles on both sides MF 375/385 Front axle Pivot Pin MF 240/350/260 Brake Pedal Bush MF 240/260 Front axle MF 385 4WD Front axle MF 385 4WD Steering Pivot pin MF 375/385 Left Linkage point MF 240/350/260/375/385

How to Start the (John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Press the engine shutting off lever (choke) as far as possible Keep both levers in neutral position Insert key in the ignition at position number 1 Turn the key clockwise to the position number 2, which will turn ON the entire electrical system and all the gauges and meters will start functioning Turning the key […]

How to Shut-Off the (John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Press the clutch and put all gears into neutral position Pull out the engine shut-off lever (choke) to its maximum limit, engine will shut off Bring the key back to position number 1, which will cause all meters and gauges to stop functioning. Then remove the key from ignition Key Ignition Choke MF 240/350/260 Choke […]

Engine Temperature of John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractors

The designated temperature of diesel engine is 80 to 85oC. To maintain this temperature, there is a valve called ‘thermostat’ in the engine. Never detach it from the tractor under any circumstance. Engine parts have been manufactured to operate at a specific temperature, and the engine may be harmed if the temperature falls under or […]

Method of Running-in and Driving the Tractor

Do not drive the tractor to farm or home immediately after taking delivery. Have it carried on a truck instead. Operate tractor at 75% load from the beginning. Prior to this, drive the tractor in 3rd gear and at full depth in an already ploughed field If a trolley is to be pulled then 75%, […]

Maintenance of Radiator and Oil Cooler in Massey Ferguson Tractors

Just like the radiator, to cool the oil with air, there is an oil cooler installed in the MF260. In the MF375S/385/385 4WD, oil is cooled with an oil cooler that uses water instead of air. Oil Cooler MF-260 Oil Cooler MF-385/385 4WD The radiator and oil cooler grills in the MF260 should be checked […]

Checking Water Level of the Radiator in Tractor

Before checking the water level in the radiator, it is very important to have the tractor engine turned off; because removing the radiator pressure cap quickly when the engine is hot, the gushing boiling water may harm you. Remove the radiator cap with the bonnet flap raised up. If the water level is low, then […]

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