Tractor Care Tips

Checking the Fan-Belt Tension of MF Tractor

Fan-belt being loose or overly tightened may become a reason to overheat the engine and damage the alternator. Therefore, it is necessary to have the fan-belt tightened to proper tension. To check the tension, pressing the longer portion of the belt (between the alternator and crankshaft pulley as shown in the picture) with a force […]

How to Fill the Diesel Tank of John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson Tractor

Always use uncontaminated diesel; i.e. that does not contain sand, water, kerosene, and other unnecessary elements, because these ruin the costly and delicate parts of the fuel injection pump and automizer which deteriorate engine performance. To protect the parts described and described above, it is important that you refill the diesel tank after completion of […]

Storing the Diesel

If diesel is to be stored in drums, then tilt the diesel filled drums as shown in the picture below. Front end of the drum must be 3 to 4 inches higher than its rear end, so that all unwanted deposits like sand, rust, dust settle at the back end, and clean diesel comes out […]

Hydro-Static Power Steering System

This system is installed in the MF385/385 4WD tractors, which allows the driver/operator to control the steering system with ease. Hydro-static power steering system is a complete power steering system in which there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels, which allows the steering wheel to be turned with only […]

Benefits of Filling Water in the Tyres and its Method

The probability of tires to slip increases when the tractor is light and is operating on hard ground. It reduces the performance, which cause increases diesel consumption. Experiments show that proper tire grip on the surface, tractor performance increases by 10 to 25 percent. To increase the surface grip in the rear tires, filling water […]

Before starting the tractor daily

Have you checked and replenished the engine oil?   Have you checked the transmission / hydraulic oil?   Have you removed deposits from glass cup of the diesel filter?   Have cleaned the pre-air cleaner?   Have you checked and replenished oil in the air-cleaner oil bath?   Have you checked diesel level in the […]

How to Start the (John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Press the engine shutting off lever (choke) as far as possible Keep both levers in neutral position Insert key in the ignition at position number 1 Turn the key clockwise to the position number 2, which will turn ON the entire electrical system and all the gauges and meters will start functioning Turning the key […]

How to Shut-Off the (John Deere/ New Holland/ Massey Ferguson) Tractors

Press the clutch and put all gears into neutral position Pull out the engine shut-off lever (choke) to its maximum limit, engine will shut off Bring the key back to position number 1, which will cause all meters and gauges to stop functioning. Then remove the key from ignition Key Ignition Choke MF 240/350/260 Choke […]

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