Tractors for Sale Chad

Agriculture in Chad:

Agriculture is the most important sector of Chad’s economy almost 85% of population engaged and accounting for approximately 44% of GDP. Most of the revenue generated products are cotton, cattle and gum and other exporting crops are grains, oilseeds, tubers & several leafy vegetables etc.

Tractors and Farming Equipment:

Usually Chad farmers use cattle to till the soil, but Tractors PK, have a great discounted price tractors and agricultural machinery exclusively for Chadian farmers.

Tractors (PK) offer Massey Ferguson tractors ranging from 50 to 85 horse power including MF 240 (50 hp), MF 260 (60 hp), MF-350 (50 hp), MF 375 (75 hp), MF 385 2WD (85 hp) and MF 385 4WD (85 hp) for Chad.

We ship ordered tractors and farming implements direct to Douala port which is nearest available port for Chad in 20 ft and 40 ft containers. If you need more details please send us an inquiry.

We also give you an opportunity to call us promptly at the following number.


Chad Location Map
Chad Location Map

About Chad:

The Republic of Chad is located in Central Africa surrounded by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger. N’Djamena is the capital and largest city of Chad other major cities are like Moundou, Sarh, Abéché, Kélo and Koumra. There is no port in Chad and nearest port is Douala, Cameroon which is available at 1,700 Kilometer away from N’Djamena. The surface area of Chad is about 1,284,000 Sq. Km with population of 11,525,496 and the extreme temperature in the country from 12°C to 50°C. Approximately 54% of the people are Muslims, 33% Christian and the other beliefs on Indigenous religions. Chadian official languages are French and Arabic but l more than 120 languages spoken throughout the country.


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