Chisel Plough Farm Equipment

Chisel Plough Farm Equipment
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Chisel Plough is used for deep tillage in order to prepare land with minimal soil disorder. The purpose that is served by it is to loosen and aerate the soil while leaving behind the crop residue. This plough can be used to reduce the effects of compaction and to help break up layers of hard matter. The chisel does not turn the soil which makes it useful in no-till or low-till farming and also prevents soil erosion. The chisel plough runs through a depth of 8 to 12 inches; however other models may run deeper.


  • Heavy steel box V-type frame without bolt and nut.
  • Three easily replaceable tines designed to penetrate up to 20” without much effort.
  • Shovels easily replaceable.
  • Working width 1.20m (Meters).
  • Tractor compatibility 50-85 Horse power (hp).


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