Disc Plough Farm Equipment

Disc Plough Farm Equipment
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Disc Plough is used and designed for deep plowing in almost all types of soil. It is of high value as it can dig and plough through muggy, gravelly, stony and tough soils with ease and convenience. It is of great assistance when mixing, raising and breaking the soil. It can be easily attached to tractors and the side draft is controlled by a spring-loaded rear furrow wheel to make it easy to operate and handle by small tractors. It is one of the most important implements to be attached with a tractor and is employed for primary cultivation.


  • Frame Type: Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe
  • Number of furrow: 2, 2 + 1, 3, 3+1
  • Furrow Width: 254 mm
  • Max working depth: 300 mm
  • Longitudinal clearance: 522 mm
  • Furrow Wheel Dia: 508 mm
  • Plain discs 660 mm-inside or outside bevel
  • Bearings Taper roller
  • Weight 360 kg (3 Furrow)
  • Tractor 50 to 85HP.


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